Dreaming Valparaiso

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One could say that I am pierced by the dreamer’s spirit ‘the city of silver roofs’ has always possessed. While traveling in other parts of the world, I have actually always had an intense yearning for the country of my childhood. And I have always fallen back on those memories enlivened by the distance…
Here at long last is the collection that bespeaks distant events, memorials of the nostalgia, a time that is always recuperated through poetry. It is a way of contributing to the knowledge about this magic city, which has been accumulating over the years because there are many who continue to dream about their own lifetimes, going up and down the stairs or simply reinventing a city that every day becomes more of a mythical place where it is possible to forget, or better yet, to recall in order to make our dear ghosts come back to life in an act of renovation.

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