A memorial of Valparaiso


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I have chosen the texts for this book as if it were a matter of what it is: a labor of love. Because I am one of those characters constructed by them, among those days of Dante’s Florence, between Barghello and the Ponte Vecchio, that group of Platonic continents that were “Love’s Faithful”, whose surrender to ideal love consisted in receiving, in stages, from the beloved, a look, a smile, a word. And nothing more.
This vast and plural book is for the 450-year-old city, a long exercise in faith and admiration. I chose to leave this “Tocata and Fugue” in the tones of the old Victrola. To fix within the sound of that artifact that was the paradigm of modernity, the memory of a time eternal current: the time of Valparaíso, amid fires and earthquakes. The time to endure and be faithful to the past.

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