Chile – Israel relations 1973-1990. The Hidden Connection

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The relations between Chile and Israel during the Chilean military government are surrounded by unknown events. Although not intended specifically to declassify files, the solid research that supports this book presents facts and circumstances that shaped a link that was increasing along the years and sealed in some way, the manner both countries related, also marked by some specific events.
Since apparently they have nothing in common, close cooperation between the two states did not emerge in the interest of neither, but because of the dominant international structure in the period: the Cold War and bipolarity, factors that had sentenced Chile and Israel to a systematic rejection from the international concert of countries.
It is then a bond that was not confined to diplomatic exchange between the two governments and was well beyond. Here it is established the Chilean military government relationship with the Palestinian authorities and also with the Jewish and Palestinian communities in Chile, as forces that played a significant role in Chile’s foreign policy toward the Middle East in a crucial period of its history.

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