Chile Singapore. A bridge to and from Asia-Pacific


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This work deals with the encounter between two countries that border the great Pacific Ocean: Chile and Singapore. Both with a vocation of openness, cooperation and global integration, which has enabled – although with different rhythm and emphasis – the diversification of exports and attraction of capital, along with the internationalization of their economies, in the search to provide their citizens with greater security, development and well-being.

The book could be divided into two approaches: the first, of voices; the second, of narratives. That of voices is written by authors with a deep relationship and personal knowledge of Singapore and the Asia-Pacific, in their capacity as diplomats, which gives the story a soul, in terms of content, anecdotes and stories.

The second approach could be called that of narratives, which is based on a specialized view of Singapore in various fields, such as diplomacy, economics and security.

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