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Eunice Odio (San José de Costa Rica, 1922). She attends primary school at the Delia U. De Guevara school and secondary education at the Colegio Superior de Señoritas. In 1947, she traveled to Guatemala to receive a poetry prize, and to give talks and conferences. Finally, she decides to stay and live in that country. There she worked in the Ministry of Education, she published in magazines and newspapers and after a long stay, in 1948 she acquired Guatemalan citizenship. Later, due to personal problems, she was forced to leave Guatemala and she decided to go to live in Mexico until her death, except for two and a half years when she lived in the United States. In 1964 she began to collaborate with the Venezuelan magazine Zona Franca. She died in Mexico City on March 23, 1974. Works: The Terrestrial Elements (1948), Area in the Territory of Dawn (1953), The Transit of Fire (1957), The Trail of the Butterflies (1970), Territory of Dawn and other Poems (1974), Eunice Odio’s Anthology (1975).

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